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2019 GOLD WINNER AWARD Nonfiction Authors Association

"...a powerful example about the beauty of all living beings as well as every human being in the world."

November 2019 



American Book Fest 

November 2019



American Book Fest

November 2019

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5 Stars : San Francisco Book Review

"Profound, eloquent, inspirational—just a few words that describe Amy L. Greeson's 'And the Silence Spoke." Greeson is a talented storyteller. Perhaps the most intriguing element of the novel is that all the stories are true. Greeson tells her own stories in the older woman's voice; this point of view is brilliant. A memoir would have been wonderful, but Greeson's choice is remarkable. The older woman archetype embodies wisdom; therefore, the reader is left captivated and longing to hear more.

Greeson ultimately learned and taught her readers that every life form matters. As she learned about plants, animals, and tribal culture, she began to embrace change.

Greeson ends with a call to live life with purpose, encouraging us to listen, reassuring us that "God—and ALL the silent—speak," and with her purpose-driven life as an example, readers will be inspired to harken the voice."

Reviewed by Johnna Rocker-Clinton , San Francisco Book Review 5/5 Stars (December 2019)



“…Amy L. Greeson entices you into sharing perhaps the most spectacular if soft-spoken memoir this reviewer has ever read. Appropriately titled And the Silent Spoke, Greeson’s exquisitely presented memories read like an award-winning documentary. Her observations are so precise and comprehensive, so intelligent and perceptive, so utterly sensitive to the alternative realities existing among Earth’s indigenous populations that this brilliant author takes you, to say it futuristically, where no man has trod before. Okay, that may be an overstatement. But this literary diary, superbly comprised of truly unique, invaluably meaningful (in a deeply human way), intensely vivid recollections, simply screams for overstatement ... if in a rather quiet way.”

Joel Dennstedt, 5 Stars, Readers’ Favorite

“…I enjoyed the construction and how each tale builds upon the overall theme whilst also having its own moral or takeaway that Amy learned during her amazing experiences. Add to this the way she brings other people she has met to life, and you have a fully immersive account that warmly speaks of other cultures, making friends and living a life which is truly worth living. Overall, And The Silent Spoke is a fantastic work of travel fiction, memoir and inspiring humanistic consideration all rolled into one: an adventure that we have much to learn from.”

K.C. Finn, 5 Stars, Readers' Favorite

“… I found the approach unique, charming and enjoyable. The reader sees the world through the eyes of indigenous people in remote regions. The stories about the adventures she had and the people she got to know are engaging and inspirational. The hardships of the expeditions seemed worth the pain compared to the knowledge gained, the beautiful scenery they witnessed and the warm human relationships developed. And the Silent Spoke is an enjoyable read you won’t want to put down.”  Karen Walpole, 5 Stars, Readers' Favorite

“…There is more to this narrative than the search for indigenous medicine because the author encounters new cultures, is immersed in new ways of life and unique ways of looking at it. But these journeys aren’t without their fair share of challenges. Amy experiences difficult landscapes, tribal conflicts, police arrests, and an unusual swarm of bees. But there is beauty as she explores the humanity of the people she encounters, love and friendships.” Christian Sia, 5 Stars, Readers’ Favorite

“…Amy’s writing style is warm and engaging. Often, intense expeditions with a few people can lead to friction or problems, but the team spirit of Amy and others is nice to see. I hope books like these inspire people, and more women to step out of their comfort zones and explore the world.” Gisela Dixon, 5 Stars, Readers’ Favorite

“… I found this to be both a profound and beautifully written account of her adventures around the globe.
… I loved the excellent and lively descriptions of places many of us will only ever dream of visiting. The thoughts and sentiments shared in this book resonated with me. I particularly liked the compassion showed to local people who are often having to make choices based on survival and, are not always following what the West thinks is appropriate. Ms. Greeson did not judge anyone she met on her travels. Her account has made me think more about how much we can learn from indigenous people and their customs. I hope others will also take that message from this book. After reading this, I realized that we owe indigenous healers a debt of gratitude for sharing their knowledge about plants and the way they use them. And I am saddened to think about those who will pass away without being able to pass along valuable knowledge.

Susan Miller, 4 Stars,

Manhattan Book Review/ City Book Review

...can’t put it down!
... the best book I’ve read in a very long time.
...beautifully written.

A few of the many Reader's Comments

"...beautifully written and one of the best I have read this year-and I read a lot of books."

"...Just started reading it and can’t put it down!"

"The energy of 'And the Silent Spoke' is still with me and that's one of the best parts about reading a great book!"

" North Raleigh bookclub has picked YOUR BOOK as one of our selections for the coming year - 2020.

"...I love to read and this is the best book I’ve read in a very long time."

"... I’m almost finished reading it, and as with any really good book, I can’t wait to finish it, but dread when it will be over."

Book Signing: August 13, 2019

First Public Book Signing

Theatre Arts Gallery, High Point, NC

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Rob's Reads

ROB'S READS: Here's a book I just finished reading. It's a great travel book by a facebook friend of mine, Amy L. Greeson about her travels to Congo, Papua New Guinea and other far flung locales in her search for herbal medicines and incredible cultural immersion. Highly recommend! 



Article by Brittany Jennings for UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy.  October 28, 2019


Article by Jimmy Tomlin, High Point Enterprise


High Point Enterprise

November 20, 2019

By Kathy Stuart / Megan Ward 

Thomasville Times

By Debbie Hightower

January 5, 2020

Amy Greeson: Award-winning author Greeson to speak at luncheon

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About Amy


 Amy is a Fellow with the esteemed Explorers Club (FN20) and a member of the Society of Woman Geographers. 

She has led multiple expeditions and treks into Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, Amazon, and Republic of the Congo (a 2 month expedition to an 'undocumented' region).

Pharmacist / Researcher

 A 1990 graduate of the UNC- Chapel Hill Eshelman School of Pharmacy, Amy currently serves as a President-Elect of the Alumni Board of Directors.

Co-Founder/ CEO: Natural Discoveries, Inc.


Executive director / Founder, Healing Education Foundation ( dba Healing Seekers)

A 501c3 nonprofit

Educational materials based on expeditions

 6 Telly Awards and an award winning documentary, "Expedition Congo". Now available on Amazon Prime